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Daimler Demonstrates Self-Driving 18-Wheeler

The study of autonomous vehicles has focused primarily on self-driving cars. Researchers have paid little attention to large vehicles—until now. Daimler is developing a tractor-trailer under the Mercedes brand that can drive without human guidance. The company demonstrated the “Future Truck 2025” prototype on Germany’s Autobahn highway system. Based on the Mercedes Actros, the self-guided truck can travel up to 55 mph and uses cameras and multiple radar sensors to watch the road, as well as other vehicles. A driver can override the system while it is operating. Daimler is working on various features and refinements to the truck, which currently cannot, for example, change lanes or pass other vehicles. The company says its technology may eventually extend the amount of time big rigs can stay on the road, even though truckers in many countries can only drive a certain number of hours per day. (SlashDot)(CNN)(Gizmodo)(Bloomberg)

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