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Company Says its AI Algorithm Cracks CAPTCHAs

AI start-up Vicarious claims it has created software able to successfully solve CATPCHAs (completely automated public Turing tests to tell computers and humans apart). The system reportedly has a 90 to 99 percent accuracy rate, depending on the type of CAPTCHA used, whether it must recognize and then type in displayed letters, numbers, or else those with symbols whose shapes have been distorted and sometimes placed on distracting backgrounds. The company is not releasing many details about how the technology solves CAPTCHAs, but does say the system can be trained with moving and static images. One possible benefit of such technology, according to MIT’s Technology Review website, is in accelerating the digitization of degraded texts and improving optical character recognition. Vicarious plans to build a vision system as well as artificial intelligence that can be used in robotics, medical image analysis, and several other applications based on this technology. (Reuters)(Forbes)(Technology Review)

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