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Chip with Gigahertz-Scale 16 Antenna Array Constructed

The first wafer-scale phased array RF-IC with 16 different antenna elements operating at 110 GHz frequency range has reportedly been constructed by TowerJazz, a specialty foundry, and The University of California, San Diego. The chip, which is 6.5 x 6 mm, is a wafer-scale SiGe BiCMOS chip on which all the different phase array system components are located, including the antennae. Conventional phase array systems have elements that are off-chip, which is more expensive and affects the system’s performance. The device will enable smaller, low-cost phased arrays to be constructed that use the W-band (75-110 GHz). The team says the chip could be scaled to contain 256 elements. The chip could be used in various applications, including automotive radar, passive imaging, and millimeter Wave imaging. ( of California San Diego)

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