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Chinese Research Should Surpass US by 2013

A new UK study concludes that China’s scientific output will exceed that of the US by 2013. The Royal Society, the UK’s science academy, found that Chinese research spending has increased 20 percent annually since 1999 and there have been similar increases in graduates from science and engineering programs as well as in the number of papers published in international journals. China has already taken second place from the UK. Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith, chair of the “Knowledge, Networks and Nations” report, said he was "not surprised" adding that the news is “is positive, of great benefit, though some might see it as a threat and it does serve as a wake-up call for us not to become complacent.” The report finds that US research output won’t decline and adds that a volume increase isn’t indicative of the quality of the work. Papers from US and UK scientists remain the most cited in the world. The study also suggests that researchers in Japan and France might challenge China. The study, conducted with Elsevier, “drew on evidence, analysis and extensive consultation with scientists and policymakers from around the world.” (SlashDot)(BBC)(“Knowledge, Networks and Nations,” The Royal Society)

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