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Australian Cops Go Wardriving to Promote Secure Wi-Fi

As part of its observance of National Consumer Fraud Week, police from Queensland, Australia, began wardriving in Brisbane area residential and commercial neighborhoods to identify insecure Wi-Fi access points. . If police find an unprotected connection while searching for Wi-Fi networks from their cars, they will “follow this up with a letterbox drop in the targeted area with information on how to effectively secure your connection.” The material features the laptop-toting, crime-fighting character Fiscal the Fraud Fighting Ferret. Authorities contend a secured access point is essential to preventing identity theft and other crimes, and urge residents to use either Wi-Fi Protected Access or WPA2 security. The ongoing campaign is “fun, low cost, low impact and will help raise awareness of just how [publicly available] unencrypted Wi-Fi really is,” Paul Ducklin, security vendor Sophos’s head of technology for the Asia-Pacific region, told Australian newspaper The Age.
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