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Associated Press Uses Automation to Generate Stories from Data

The Associated Press says that it is generating more of its business articles automatically via technology. Software algorithms are mining data for most of the wire service’s earnings reports, enabling journalists to focus on more detailed reporting, the wire service explained. AP vice president and managing editor Lou Ferrara said “We discovered that automation technology, from a company called Automated Insights, paired with data from Zacks Investment Research, would allow us to automate short stories—150 to 300 words—about the earnings of companies in roughly the same time that it took our reporters.” And, he added, “instead of providing 300 stories manually, we can provide up to 4,400 automatically for companies throughout the United States each quarter.” The AP, which labels stories generated via technology, will not eliminate any jobs because of the new approach, according to Ferrara. Instead, reporters will now focus on analysis and other features. The AP already automates much of the information on sports statistics it provides clients. (SlashDot)(The Atlantic)

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