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Apple, Samsung Reportedly Preparing Patent Negotiations

Apple and Samsung are trying to reach an agreement on royalties that would end the companies’ long-term patent dispute, according to a report in the Korea Times, which attributed the information to a Korea Fair Trade Commission official. Samsung’s current proposal focuses on a cross-licensing agreement with Apple, which has accused Samsung of violating some its smartphone-related patents. The exact terms Samsung has proposed are not clear, but it may involve the payment of a flat licensing fee. Apple, on the other hand, wants Samsung to pay a fee of at least $30 per device for every device violating its patents. The two companies have been in court throughout the world repeatedly on mobile-device patent disputes in the past two years. Apple recently won a US court case yielding damages of $890 million. This case reportedly encouraged Samsung to return to the bargaining table. (Mac Observer)(CNET)(The Korea Times)

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