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UK Company Creates Low-Latency Trading System

Argon Design, a UK-based technology firm, announced it has created a high performance trading system able to significantly reduce latency. This design, which mixes improvements in hardware and software, is based on a field-programmable-gate-array with hardware level access to eight of the system’s 24, 10 Gb Ethernet ports, which allows trades to be executed directly by the FPGA. The system also uses two other data switching techniques to further reduce latency. Argon Design says that in testing the system using a market simulator, trading latency was reduced from 4,600 ns to 176 ns. The reduction of latency is critical in trading stocks or commodities because it determines the time in which a trade can be executed electronically. Millions of dollars can be made or lost accumulatively in an hour based on timing. (SlashDot)(Low Latency)(Argon Design)

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