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IEEE Launches 400-Gbps Ethernet Study Group

The IEEE announced it has formed a study group for the possible development of a 400-Gbit per second Ethernet standard. Currently, the fastest Ethernet standard available now is 100-Gbps. The new standard would support increased network-bandwidth demand driven by factors such as explosive growth in video on demand, social media, and other services. The IEEE 802.3 400 Gbps Ethernet Study Group expects to have the standard ready for ratification in 2017. The group is slated to convene during the IEEE 802.1/802.3 May 2013 Joint Interim meeting, scheduled for 14 through 17 May in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Based on current trends, according to Network World, Ethernet networks could support 1 terabit per second in 2015 and 10 Tbps by 2020. (SlashDot)(NetworkWorld)(IEEE 400 Gb/s Ethernet Study Group)

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