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Internet Abloom with April Fool’s Day Practical Jokes

It’s April first, that day when the Internet is filled with convincing April Fool’s jokes. Before you let your guard down, be prepared to have your leg pulled. Among this year’s funnies:

• Hulu ran ads for fictional television shows originating from “The Simpsons,” “30 Rock” and “How I Met Your Mother.”

• Twitter trumpeted its free, consonant-only plan called Twttr, saying Twitter users could keep their vowels for $5 a month surcharge.

• SlashDot encrypted its content, running gibberish on its initial page, stating that free, unencrypted news reports were available to its logged-in users.

• Google announced a raft of “services” including Google Nose, which purports to incorporate smells into Google searches; Google Maps’ new Treasure Mode map overlay for those interested in a crowdsourced search for buried treasure; and the Levity Algorithm, which adds a light touch to interoffice communications.

The day would not be complete without fake product/service launches, including Virgin Atlantic’s new glass-bottomed airliner; and Sony’s Animalia line of tech gadgets for pets such as dogs, cats, and hamsters. (The Atlanta Journal Constitution)(The Washington Post)(PCMag)(CNN)(The Levity Algorithm)(Sony)(Virgin Atlantic)(SlashDot)

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