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Google Objects to New Swedish Word

Google has reportedly complained to the Swedish Language Council about a new “official” word as it infringes upon the company’s trademark. The word “ogooglebar” or “ungoogleable” was named on the council’s annual list of new words that have entered daily conversation in Swedish. The word had been defined as something “that cannot be found on the Web with a search engine.” In addition to telling the group that the word used its trademark, Google asked that the definition be revised to specify that it referred to Google searches. The word was deleted. Ann Cederberg, head of the council, later stated, “If we want to have ogooglebar in the language, then we’ll use the word and it’s our use that gives it meaning — not a multinational company exerting pressure. Speech must be free!” No such objection was made when the Swedish Language Council added the verb “googla” or “Google” to the list in 2003. (The Atlantic Wire)(Associated Press @ The Washington Post)(The Swedish Language Council)

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