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Major Ticket Vendor Dumps CAPTCHA

Ticketmaster, one of the world’s largest online ticket retailers, announced it will use a different security approach in place of CAPTCHA (completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart) technology to ensure that bots are not automatically buying blocks of tickets. CAPTCHA asks users to type in warped or distorted words to prove that they are human. However, some usability experts say the system can be difficult to use, particularly for some disabled people, because the words are skewed and often form nonsensical phrases that humans have trouble deciphering. Ticketmaster is now using software from Solve Media that asks for well-known phrases, corporate slogans, product names, or responses to simple multiple-choice questions. During a trial of the new tool, Ticketmaster said, it provided good security and yielded greater customer satisfaction. On the average, the company noted, users trying to access its system took 14 seconds with CAPTCHA but only seven seconds with the Solve Media application. (BBC)(Maclean’s)(The Associated Press @ Macleans’s)

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