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Bio-Inspired Algorithm Tackles Network Virtualization

A team of Japanese researchers have created a biologically-inspired algorithm resolving virtual network control fluctuations. Scientists from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, Osaka University, and The University of Electro-Communications say their Yuragi algorithm can help in the rapid recovery of a network service when there are unexpected disasters or network congestion. The technology they developed is able to function autonomously, finding nearly optimal routes that enable it to adapt to changes. The system also can use information from other virtual networks to stabilize multiple networks and can isolate the behavior of a specific virtual network from others, which lets the network resources be used efficiently by distributing the traffic across them. The researchers plan to participate in a demonstration sponsored by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology 5 to 7 February and plan to show how the system handles congestion avoidance using video streaming traffic on the JGN-X, the NICT’s national testbed network commonly used for research and development. (PhysOrg)(NTT Group)

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