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[Conference News] The Future of Database Research: Relational or NoSQL?

Several new database systems, popularly known as NoSQL, have emerged over the past few years to address the increased demand for processing huge, heterogeneous data sets in both the scientific and business communities. The underlying data and transaction models for NoSQL databases differ from relational models, and whether NoSQL or relational DBMSs represent the future of database research is under debate.

In a paper presented at the 2012 15th International Conference on Network-Based Information Systems (NBIS 2012), Maria Indrawan-Santiago of Monash University, Melbourne, informs this debate by reviewing research trends over 40 years, since the relational database was introduced, and comparing the relational and NoSQL models. She further clarifies the NoSQL state of the art by comparing features in 10 current products.

Database Research: Are We at a Crossroad? Reflection on NoSQL” and other papers from NBIS 2012 are available free to IEEE Computer Society members and subscribers of the Computer Society Digital Library.

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