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Sprint Might Compete with T-Mobile USA for MetroPCS

After T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS announced merger plans last week, Sprint reportedly is considering a counteroffer for MetroPCS. Bloomberg reports that “Sprint is crunching the numbers and holding talks with its advisers to weigh the feasibility of a higher offer.” This would not be the first time Sprint came courting. Earlier this year, it made a tentative offer for MetroPCS for $8 billion, which the Sprint board declined to follow through on. Possibly standing in the way of a deal with Sprint are penalties that T-Mobile and MetroPCS would pay one another for backing out of the proposed deal between them: T-Mobile would owe $250 million, and MetroPCS would have to pay $150 million. MetroPCS is a no-contract wireless carrier, present in about a dozen major cities, with a 2 percent share of the US wireless market. T-Mobile has a 9 percent share and is the country’s fourth-largest carrier. Sprint is the third largest. (PC Mag)(Bloomberg)(Computer Now NewsFeed – 04 October 2012)

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