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$35 Raspberry Pi Computers Begin Shipping

After delays caused in great part by overwhelming demand and component problems, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has begun shipping its $35 Linux computers. The foundation has shipped the first 10,000 orders of the credit-card sized machines. The foundation has entered into a licensed manufacturing agreement with hardware vendors Premier Farnell and RS Components to make and retail future devices. The computers, designed for use with a TV as a display and a keyboard for input, have 256 Mbytes of RAM and a 700-MHz ARM chip. The system also has an SD card slot and high-definition multimedia-interface, composite RCA, USB, and Ethernet ports. It boots from an SD card and runs the Fedora, Debian, or ArchLinux versions of Linux. The Raspberry Pi Foundation began its project to interest more children worldwide in computer programming by providing them with an affordable PC. The machine is designed to teach users the Python programming language. (Ars Technica)(Wired)(ComputingNow NewsFeed – January 9, 2012)(RS Components)(The Raspberry Pi Foundation)

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