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After Hacking, Employment

George Hotz is the latest celebrity hacker to turn legit. The Apple iPhone and Sony PlayStation 3 hacker now works as a software engineer at Facebook. This isn’t the first time a law-breaking computer whiz has been added to a corporate payroll. Some estimates are that 1 in 4 US hackers are on the government payrolls. Some have reportedly been lured into working for those firms whose digital fortresses they cracked while still others have been hired to test competitors. These include Chris Putnam, a Facebook hacker turned Facebook engineer; Michael Mooney, who parlayed his Twitter hacks into a job with a web application developer; and Owen Thor Walker, a New Zealand-based botnet creator, now a security consultant. Perhaps the best known among this fraternity is Kevin Mitnick. The once notorious hacker-fugitive is reportedly now an information security consultant. (International Business Times)(PC World)

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