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Angela Burgess, Executive Director of the IEEE Computer SocietyInside the CS highlights the work of the CS from the point of view of the professional staff. I blog to make our programs more visible, build awareness and encourage participation. Check back for postings about how to use your CS benefits, member and customer feedback, new initiatives, and opportunities for involvement.
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Tips to speed access to your member benefits

We've just completed a very successful membership campaign, and once again we are hearing that the e-Learning campus is a big reason for the great response. With corporate training budgets under pressure, our members appreciate getting access to 3,000 courses and Brainbench certifications.

The customer service team has passed along some tips for getting immediate access to these benefits. First, be aware that it is possible to get an IEEE Web Account without joining: this is a guest account. You need at least a guest account to use some of our internal systems and to comment on our Website, neither of which requires membership.

If you do create a guest account and then decide to join (and we sincerely hope you do), we can bring over your guest account as your member Web Account. Simply be sure to specify the username and password when mailing in your membership application or just log in and add IEEE Computer Society membership to your cart.

We are finding that some members need to delete cookies and temporary files and relaunch the browser in order to gain access. This is an intermittent problem, and we are investigating the cause. We are also looking into some problems with capitalization and special characters in usernames and email addresses.

As you begin to use your benefits, keep in mind that the courses and certifications you access are permanently associated with the Web Account used to first access them. Once you start a course, reinitiating that course requires that you use the same username.

If you have any problem accessing your benefits, do not hesitate to contact me or send a message to or call 800 272-6657 if you are in the U.S. or +1 714 821 8380 otherwise. Our phones are staffed from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time.

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