Computing Now Volunteer of the Month Award

The IEEE Computing Now “Volunteer of the Month” award recognizes volunteers making substantial innovations in content creation and delivery. We particularly value multimedia, social networking, and other innovative ways of publishing and delivering content. To nominate a volunteer, please send an email to with one paragraph describing the volunteer's contributions and how they benefited the IEEE Computer Society. The CN awards committee will select and announce the winner each month.

This Month's Winner: Matthew Wojtowicz

Matthew WojtowiczDecember's award goes to Matthew Wojtowicz for his work on the Computing Now Android app. Matt graduated in 2009 with a masters degree from Loyola University of Chicago. He's currently employed at Red Hat as a JBoss consultant. Prior to this, he spent his time as a researcher at Loyola, where he developed Android applications for the IEEE and Loyola's Clean Air Clean water department. Matt enjoys being an active member of the tech community and has taught workshops at Google user group meetings. His passions lie in making computing more accessible through many types of devices, including mobile as well as micro-controllers and robotics.

Congratulations, Matt, and thank you for your contributions to Computing Now and the IEEE Computer Society!

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