Interview with Leonardo Chiariglione

Leonardo ChiariglioneLeonardo Chiariglione was born in Almese (Italy). He has an MS in electronic engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin and a PhD from the University of Tokyo.

In 1988, Chiariglione originated the ISO standardization activity known as MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) of which he is the Convenor.

Currently MPEG is developing MPEG-A "Multimedia Application Formats", MPEG-B "MPEG Systems Technologies", MPEG-C "MPEG Video Technologies", MPEG-D "MPEG Audio Technologies", MPEG-E "Multimedia Middleware" and MPEG-M "MPEG eXtensible Middleware".

Computing Now Associate Editor Christian Timmerer caught up with Chiariglione at the 91st MPEG Meeting held in Kyoto, Japan during 18–22 January 2010. Their discussion ranged widely, from looking back at the creation of the MPEG to the impact of the MP3 format to social networking.

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Part 1

Leonardo Chiariglione looks back at the history and the major
milestones in the creation of the MPEG standard. (4:48)

Part 2

Twenty years removed, Leonardo Chiariglione discusses what he would have done differently in creating the MPEG standard. (4:36)

Part 3

Leonardo discusses the impact of social networking and mobile devices on development.

He also talks about his involvement with the development of MP3 and its effects on the record industry. (6:35)

Part 4

Leonardo offers his advice to young developers.

He also discusses the role of metadata for the standard. (7:06)


Part 5

Leonardo discusses the future of MPEG. (3:43)