Theme Issue on Software Engineering for the Internet of Things

Submission Deadline: 1 June 2016
Publication: January/February 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) implies a wide set of intertwined and interconnected devices and things to provide value to stakeholders. In this sense, software engineering plays a key role. This theme issue will emphasize software’s role in the IoT and the specific challenges to overcome for success.

We seek articles reporting case studies, experience reports, practices, approaches, techniques, and guidelines. In particular, we seek articles on these topics:

  • the IoT’s major software engineering challenges: high reactivity, scalability, heterogeneity, configurability, resource-constrained systems, and robustness;
  • software methods and development techniques for the IoT (including agile methods, other new development approaches, and specific tradeoffs);
  • software architectures dealing with complex interactions, interoperability gaps, and data mining for reasoning about the environment and software interactions;
  • tools, platforms, and environments for developing software for the IoT;
  • continuous-engineering solutions for the IoT;
  • the IoT’s social and organizational aspects;
  • quality in the IoT: verification-and-validation challenges for IoT software;
  • teaching the IoT: building a core software engineering curriculum for IoT developers;
  • social impacts of the IoT related to software engineering;
  • experience reports on software development challenges for the IoT and takeaways;
  • software engineering challenges for mission-critical IoT systems; and
  • applications to vertical sectors such as energy, vehicles, and healthcare.


For more information about the focus, contact the guest editors:

Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts must not exceed 4,700 words including figures and tables, which count for 250 words each. Submissions over these limits may be rejected without refereeing. Articles deemed within the theme and scope will be peer reviewed and subject to editing for magazine style, clarity, organization, and space. Submissions should include the special issue’s name.

Articles should be novel, have a practical orientation, and be written in a style accessible to practitioners. Overly complex, purely research-oriented, or theoretical treatments aren’t appropriate. IEEE Software doesn’t republish material published previously in other venues.

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