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Each issue, IEEE Software features a variety of multimedia enhancements to its print publication in the form of video interviews, podcast installments, simulations, and presentations. You can access them below or via the IEEE Computer Society YouTube stream.

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September/October 2013

The cover features in the September/October 2013 issue of IEEE Software examine the many faces of software analytics. Multimedia highlights include John Howie on the cost of big data and James Whittaker on the future of search.

Podcasts related to the issue's popular columns include author Grady Booch providing an audio recording of his On Computing column, in which he discusses how some unintended consequences of computing might be that future generations never experience the smell of books, the sound of a computer, or the sanctuary of privacy; author Diomidis Spinellis providing an audio recording of his Tools of the Trade column, in which he discusses how comparing a good system with a buggy one can help locate the source of the problem; and author Jane Cleland-Huang providing an audio recording of her Requirements column, in which she discusses how requirements engineers can keep developers informed of underlying architectural decisions and help preserve code quality during change maintenance.

An additional multimedia highlight connected to this issue’s installment of Insights is an audio podcast in which Bett Correa and Russ Miller discuss contextual design (CD), a user-centered design process created by Hugh Beyer and Karen Holtzblatt.

The complete multimedia list for Software's September/October 2013 issue is available on YouTube at

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