Digitally Enhanced Reality

July–Sept. 2015

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Recent developments have brought about a fundamental shift in the digital augmentation of reality. In the near future, it will be feasible to continuously record a plethora of personal experiences and provide both in-situ and pre-emptive access to related information, past experiences, and social exchange. This might significantly change the way we interact with others, remember our past, and exchange our experiences. Read article »

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Articles from IEEE Pervasive Computing

Connected Tools in Digital Design

Connected Tools in Digital Design

As digital fabrication and digital design become more pervasive, the physical tools we use in conjunction will have to catch up. These are the first steps in that direction. Read full article »

Living Labs for Pervasive Healthcare Research

Living Labs for Pervasive Healthcare Research

Living laboratories are real-life settings with embedded heterogeneous technology, where subjects can conduct their everyday activities while researchers measure and observe their interactions with pervasive technology. Read full article »


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