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These podcasts are based on the Micro Economics column in IEEE Micro. Author Shane Greenstein focuses on a variety of topics, including the adoption of the Internet by households and business, growth of commercial Internet access networks, the industrial economics of platforms, and changes in communications policy.

About Shane Greenstein

Shane Greenstein is the Elinor and Wendell Hobbs Professor of Management and Strategy at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. He is a leading researcher in the business economics of computing, communications and Internet policy. He has been a regular columnist and essayist for IEEE Micro since 1995, where he comments on the economics of microelectronics.

The podcasts were produced by Tim De Chant, Science Writer and Editor for Kellogg Insight, Northwestern University.

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Revolution in Spectrum Allocation

A revolution has largely gone unnoticed. Since 1994, the US has assigned spectrum for mobile telephony through auctions instead of the traditional regulatory mechanisms. The transition from analog to digital television has freed up additional spectrum, giving the FCC the opportunity to set up an auction in the 700-MHz range. That spectrum auction ended in March 2008. The spectrum went into use in June 2009, after analog television retires.


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