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Opinion essays from IC's editorial board.

From the Editors

Each issue begins with a brief essay from one of IC's editorial board members, on a topic of their choice.


IC's EIC Emeritus, Charles Petrie, presides over a forum for provocative essays on topics that affect the entire Internet community. Appears in every other issue.


Internet pioneer and Google's chief Internet evangelist, Vint Cerf, shares his thoughts on current matters of interest.


Short, informally reviewed articles on current topics. To contribute, contact the department editors directly.

Beyond Wires

On development in mobile and ubiquitous computing in the context of systems, applications, and communication networks.
Editor: Cecilia Mascolo (

Big Data

On finding the needle in the haystack with Big Data systems.
Editor: Tim Kraska (

Digital Citizen

On the Internet's effects on democratic participation, civic engagement, and politics, exploring whether new technologies empower individuals and communities or merely overregulate them.
Editor: Kieron O'Hara (

Internet Governance

On governance processes that reflect the growing global dependence on the Internet.
Editor: Virgilio Almeida (

Linked Data

On using the Web to lower the barriers to connecting pieces of data, information, and knowledge on the Semantic Web.
Editor: Carole Goble (

Practical Security

On Internet and systems security issues—mostly from an application developer's POV but without assuming detailed security awareness.
Editor: Hilarie Orman (


On particular upcoming or developing Internet standards: where they came from, where they're going, and what the challenges are.
Editor: Barry Leiba (

View from the Cloud

On foundational research, trends, and perspectives in cloud computing for researchers, academics, and practicing engineers.
Editor: George Pallis (

Web-Scale Workflow

On challenges and innovative approaches to large-scale Internet-based workflows such as those found in social, enterprise, and elastic computing.
Editor: Schahram Dustdar (