ICT for Smart Industries

Final submissions due: 20 June 2016
Publication issue: January/February 2017

Please email the guest editor a brief description of the article you plan to submit by 1 April 2016. Guest Editors: Boudewijn R. Haverkort and Armin Zimmermann (ic1-2017@computer.org)

Call for Papers

All over the world, industries and companies in all fields are facing a new revolution: integrating new and mostly Internet-based information and communication technology (ICT) in their complete value chains. In doing so, they hope to enable better, personalized products and services, and to improve efficient, adaptive, and flexible production, provisioning, and supply-chain processes.

This revolution, made possible through the development of the Internet and the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), is referred to as smart industry (SI) or industry 4.0. It involves not only integrating products with ICT (also known as embedded systems), but also connecting products to each other (also known as cyber-physical systems). Additionally, a cloud of services (potentially from third parties) may exist around these new products. These services help in using and servicing the products better, and they provide a better user experience (offering mass individualization). This is achieved by exploiting knowledge acquired through automated information collection—regarding, among others, usage, failures, maintenance patterns, and customer wishes, combined with third-party information (for instance, about weather or traffic conditions or price fluctuations).

As this technology proliferates, it’s not just the (physical) end products that will change; production facilities will change in a similar way. Production plants for physical products will involve more ICT, and will be connected to each other—to achieve better quality, and to automatically and instantly adapt to, for instance, changing material conditions or customer demands.

Such developments lead to a multitude of Internet-related research questions, both theoretical and practical. Questions range from the design and analysis of sensor nodes and networks to data acquisition and machine-learning algorithms, including feedback control and optimization and cloud-based services. Orthogonal to these stand questions related to overall scalability, dependability, security, data integrity, and privacy — as well as questions about sustainability.

This special issue will address these questions through contributions on theoretical and applied research related to the modeling, analysis, and design of Internet-based ICT for smart industries. Relevant topics include

  • sensor design, with (wireless) sensor networks to monitor production processes and products;
  • Internet-enabled decentralized monitoring and control algorithms that improve product and production-process performance;
  • machine-learning algorithms and (Big) Data analytics for industrial processes;
  • effective, reliable, and secure data collection and sharing;
  • proactive maintenance strategies using local and global information;
  • improved supply-chain management techniques, utilizing data acquired locally and globally;
  • adaptive production techniques to address material diversity and individual customer wishes;
  • self-optimizing industrial systems;
  • cloud-based generic services that enable the transfer to smart industries;
  • dependability, security, and privacy issues of the IoT;
  • ICT’s impact for smart industries on industry structures and value chains; and
  • application-specific research, including (but not limited to) smart grids, production, transportation systems, and infrastructure.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions must be original manuscripts of fewer than 5,000 words, focused on Internet technologies and implementations. All manuscripts are subject to peer review on both technical merit and relevance to IC’s international readership—primarily practicing engineers and academics who are looking for material that introduces new technology and broadens familiarity with current topics. We do not accept white papers, and papers which are primarily theoretical or mathematical must clearly relate the mathematical content to a real-life or engineering application. To submit a manuscript, please log on to ScholarOne (https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com:443/ic-cs) to create or access an account, which you can use to log on to IC’s Author Center and upload your submission.