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Each month, Computer features a variety of multimedia enhancements to its print publication in the form of video interviews, podcast installments, simulations, and presentations. You can access them below or via the IEEE Computer Society YouTube stream.

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September 2012

The cover features in the September 2012 issue of Computer examine "Modeling and Simulation of Smart and Green Computing Systems." Multimedia highlights include “SimWare: A Holistic Warehouse-Scale Computer Simulator," in which author Sungcap Yeo discusses how SimWare can simulate various aspects of a datacenter to analyze power consumption and heat efficiency.

In addition, multimedia editor Charles Severance interviews Bertrand and Annie Meyer about the Eiffel programming language, Karl Ricanek Jr. discusses author guidelines for the Identity Sciences column, and John Riedl discusses author guidelines for the Social Computing column.

Podcasts related to the issue’s popular columns include “It's Complicated” by David Alan Grier and Erin Dian Dumbacher for Forward Slash, "Patent Reform: New Tools for Challenging Patent Validity," by Brian M. Gaff, Christine A. Dudzik, and Ralph A. Loren for Computing and the Law, and "Bertrand Meyer: Software Engineering and the Eiffel Programming Language" by Charles Severance for Computing Conversations.

The complete multimedia list for Computer's September 2012 issue is available on YouTube at

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