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Each month, Computer features a variety of multimedia enhancements to its print publication in the form of video interviews, podcast installments, simulations, and presentations. You can access them below or via the IEEE Computer Society YouTube stream.

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May 2012

The cover features in the May 2012 issue of Computer examine digital signage, which might soon appear in every aspect of daily life outside the home. Multimedia highlights include "Supporting Community Awareness and History with Interactive Displays," in which Nick Taylor and Keith Cheverst discuss a Newcastle University program that explores the use of interactive displays in rural areas. In addition, Charles Severance captures a video interview with Van Jacobson on the creation of the National Science Foundation network in the 1980s. Podcasts related to the issue's popular columns include "Teaching the Intangible" by David Alan Grier and Erin Dian Dumbacher for Forward Slash, "Do I Need A Lawyer? If You Have to Ask, You Probably Do" by Brian M. Gaff, Stephen G. Huggard, and Gregory W. Carey for Computing and the Law, and "Van Jacobson: Getting NSFnet off the Ground" by Charles Severance for Computing Conversations.

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