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Each month, Computer features a variety of multimedia enhancements to its print publication in the form of video interviews, podcast installments, simulations, and presentations. You can access them below or via the IEEE Computer Society YouTube stream.

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July 2012

The cover features in the July 2012 issue of Computer examine "What's Real About Augmented Reality?" View an augmented reality version of the July 2012 issue on your Android by downloading an app in Google play the Apple App Store.

Multimedia highlights include "Anywhere Interfaces Using Handheld Augmented Reality," in which Michael Gervautz and his colleagues offer several real-world examples that illustrate the vast potential and important applications of augmented reality; "Projection-Based Augmented Reality in Disney Theme Parks," in which Mark Mine and his colleagues show examples of projection-based augmented reality techniques being employed in Disney theme parks; "Augmented Reality in a Public Space: The Natural History Museum, London," in which Ailsa Barry and her colleagues show how augmented reality systems in museums provide viewing interfaces that are flexible and robust enough for thousands of people to use; "First Deployments of Augmented Reality in Operating Rooms," in which Nassir Navab and his colleagues demonstrate how augmented reality visualization systems can provide accessible and user-friendly interfaces for medical intervention and patient information systems; and "Augmented Reality in the Classroom," in which Mark Billinghurst and Andreas Dünser show examples of augmented reality experiences in an educational setting.

In addition, Patrizio Campisi and his colleagues demonstrate "Dynamic Brain Activity Distribution on Scalp" and "Spectral Brain Activity Distribution on Scalp", and Charles Severance interviews Niklaus Wirth, creator of some of the field's integral programming languages, including Modula, Pascal, and Oberon, on the art of teaching computer science.

Podcasts related to the issue's popular columns include “A Generation of Recyclers” by David Alan Grier and Erin Dian Dumbacher for Forward Slash, "Raising Capital: Where to Find It, How to Secure It, and Tips on What to Avoid," by Brian M. Gaff, Richard N. Kimball, and Jill M. Hanson for Computing and the Law, and "Niklaus Wirth" by Charles Severance for Computing Conversations.

The complete multimedia list for Computer's July 2012 issue is available on YouTube:


The cover of this issue of Computer allows readers to directly experience Augmented Reality. All you need is a camera-equipped mobile phone or tablet PC with a current version of Apple iOS or Android. You can download the self-explanatory ARComputer app at no cost from the Apple and Android app stores by clicking on one of the icons below.

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