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Each month, Computer features a variety of multimedia enhancements to its print publication in the form of video interviews, podcast installments, simulations, and presentations. You can access them below or via the IEEE Computer Society YouTube stream.

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August 2012

The cover features in the August 2012 issue of Computer examine massively multithreaded computer systems. Multimedia highlights include "A GPU Task-Parallel Model with Dependency Resolution," in which Stanley Tzeng and his colleagues demonstrate how they use their model’s dependency structure to map parallel work units to a problem, "Designing Next-Generation Massively Multithreaded Architectures for Irregular Applications,” in which Center for Adaptive Supercomputing Software-Multithreaded Architectures (CASS-MT) Project Director John Feo discusses irregular applications and research on massively multithreaded architectures, and in “Algorithm and Data Optimization Techniques for Scaling to Massively Threaded Systems,” John Stratton discusses how implementation patterns among massively threaded applications can improve scalability. In addition, Education column editor Ann Sobel talks with Hal Abelson about computer science education.

Podcasts related to the issue’s popular columns include “The Winner Takes It All” by David Alan Grier and Erin Dian Dumbacher for Forward Slash, "Doing Business in China," by Brian M. Gaff, Kenneth Choy, and Jamie Chan for Computing and the Law, and "Daphne Koller and Coursera" by Charles Severance for Computing Conversations ( and

The complete multimedia list for Computer's August 2012 issue is available on YouTube:

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