David Alan Grier

The Errant Hashtag

The Errant Hashtag is a column that wanders through the world of computer science and computer engineering. It looks for the human element, the people who create the new technology and tries to understand how they innovate. It is supposed to be an interactive column, a chance for people to tell their own stories and help us understand the state of the technological world. It is a column about people, about what they do, and about how they contribute to the field of computing

David Alan Grier, an associate professor of international science and technology policy at George Washington University, is an IEEE Fellow and the author of the forthcoming book, "The Company We Keep". Contact him at grier@gwu.edu or on Twitter @dagrier.

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Errant Hashtag: Practice and Theory

Author David Alan Grier provides an audio recording of his Errant Hashtag column, in which he expands on his Errant Hashtag column, discussing the interplay between theoretical research and practical business as it applies to big data. From Computer's February 2014 issue: http://www.computer.org/csdl/mags/co/2014/02/index.html. Visit Computer: http://www.computer.org/computer.




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