David Alan Grier and Erin Dian Dumbacher

Forward Slash

Forward Slash is a monthly column that incorporates a multimedia format to profile the lives, trials, and accomplishments of the rising generation of computing professionals, describing the challenges they face and the character they draw upon to do their daily work.

David Alan Grier,  an associate professor of international science and technology policy at George Washington University, is a Fellow of IEEE and the author of the forthcoming book The Company We Keep. Contact him at grier@gwu.edu or on Twitter @dagrier.

Erin Dian Dumbacher is an associate director of research at the Government Executive Media Group, a division of Atlantic Media. Contact her at erin.dumbacher@fulbrightmail.org or on Twitter @erin_dian.

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Free Agency

Once upon a time, a time that seems long long ago, we were told to start our careers by finding a good job with long term prospects. To prepare students for such jobs, we ran them through a series of institutions that taught them about organizations.  We now live in a world in which most of the expciting jobs seem closer to freelance opprtunities and we prepare our students in an open fluid world. The challenge now occurs when we have students prepared for one type of position but are offered the other.

From Computer's March2012 issue.

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