Calls for Papers


Special Theme Issues

IEEE Pervasive Computing is seeking papers for the following theme issues:

General Submissions

Authors for IEEE Pervasive Computing magazine contribute articles on a broad range of topics and focus on five main areas:

  • hardware—hardware technology,
  • software—software infrastructure,
  • physical interaction—real-world sensing and interaction,
  • the human experience—human-computer interaction, and
  • systems—systems considerations.

For guidelines and instructions on writing features and departments for IEEE Pervasive Computing, visit our author center.

Guest Editor Proposals for Theme Issues

IEEE Pervasive Computing will be assembling its editorial calendar for the 2015–2016 timeframe at its upcoming editorial board meeting. We solicit proposals to guest edit theme issues.

The deadline for proposals for this cycle is June 1, 2014.

Your proposal should contain at least the following sections:

  • Proposed Title: Clear, crisp, meaningful. Try to make it no more than five words.
  • Proposers' Information: Names, affiliations, and contact information (postal address, electronic address, telephone number, and fax number).
  • Introduction: Explain the theme and how it fits in the larger context of pervasive and ubiquitous computing. Describe its relevance to IEEE Pervasive Computing readers: importance, timelines, target audience, and so on. Examine recent publications, including other focus sections of IEEE Pervasive Computing, to convince the evaluators that the theme complements other work or fills a gap.
  • Focus: Detail particular questions that will be addressed or perspectives that will be described. If other publications have addressed similar themes, how will this focus section differ? Describe what readers will learn and whether this information is available elsewhere.
  • List of Potential Reviewers and Authors: Balance academics with industrial and governmental contributors. State preliminary contacts that have been made. However, remember that IEEE Pervasive Computing is a refereed publication; all invited manuscripts must be refereed and are not guaranteed acceptance. The majority of manuscripts that finally appear in the issue will likely be the result of your solicitation. You should propose a credible plan for ensuring enough high-quality submissions. Guest editors may not submit articles other than the introduction for possible inclusion.
  • Call for Articles: Create a call for articles based on your focus. This is often where the "rubber meets the road" on a topic: a good call is specific and clear. If you are proposing a special issue based on paper selection from a conference, provide the call for submissions that was used for that conference.
  • Qualifications of the Guest Editors (GEs): In addition to technical qualifications, highlight your experience as editors, in IEEE Pervasive Computing and other publications. Attach a biography of up to one page for each GE, including a list of the five most relevant publications. Two GEs are preferable to one. At least one GE should reflect an industrial and practical viewpoint.

We would also like to extend the invitation for collections of best papers from a conference. In addition to the aforementioned requirements, we would need an explanation of how the conference scope relates to IEEE Pervasive Computing, the conference's historical acceptance rate for papers, and information regarding the paper selection process. The papers should be revised to include sufficient new material, and they will undergo additional review and editing.

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For questions and/or to submit a special issue proposal, contact Brian Kirk at