IEEE Internet Computing, March/April 2011, pp. 54–63

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Watching Video over the Web Part 1: Streaming Protocols

by Ali C. Begen, Tankut Akgul, and Mark Baugher

Summer 2010, time for the 19th FIFA World Cup. It was an exhilarating month, with 64 matches played by 32 national teams. Unsurprisingly, the World Cup is one of the most watched events worldwide, and this year marked the first time that viewers had the chance to see games broadcast in 3D. But more importantly, many more viewers than ever watched the games over the Web. With recent developments in video streaming technologies and the increase in broadband Internet access penetration, fans enjoyed watching games in high-definition or near-HD quality on their computers, smartphones, and other connected devices, including their TVs. READ FULL ARTICLE (login required) »

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