IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, July/August 2009, pp. 82 –85

A frame from the animated film The Even More Fun Trip. A frame from the animated film The Even More Fun Trip.A frame from the animated film The Even More Fun Trip.

Non-photorealistic Rendering: Unleashing the Artist’s Imagination

by Amit Agrawal

Historically, still art progressed from trying to replicate reality to depicting an artist’s imagination. This trend is apparent as we progress from Vermeer to Monet to Picasso. Reality poses a challenge to the artist, and the artist rises to meet it. After conquering this challenge, the artist renders his or her imagination.

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Certification: Who Dares?
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Non-photorealistic Rendering: Unleashing the Artist's Imagination
Non-photorealistic rendering is an important future direction for computer graphics, but coherence continues to present a problem.

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Learn about the changes occurring in computer system design, the rise of heterogeneous computing, and the effects of these changes on high-performance computing.

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