IEEE Pervasive Computing, April-June 2011, pp. 8–11

Evolution of a multimeter: a multimeter with LCD display (left), and a multimeter with large screen display and analysis functions (right).

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Weiser's Vision: 20 Years Later

Phones and MP3 Players as the Core Component in Future Appliances

by Albrecht Schmidt and Dominik Bial

In the 1980s, we used power toolsets that consisted of five or six power tools but were delivered with a single motor attachable to each of the tools. The tools themselves were motorless. At the time, the rationale for this design was twofold: the motor was an expensive component and not replicating it saved money, and people did not need both their circular saw and their power drill at the same time. This approach has a long tradition and was also common, for example, with early electric kitchen appliances. Read More »

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