IEEE Software, May/June 2009, pp. 8–9


Not on the Shelves

By Greg Wilson

Every few years, I attempt a bit of sympathetic magic by reviewing books that don’t yet exist, in the hope that someone will then feel compelled to write them. Doing this helps me figure out where our field is and (more importantly) where I’d like it to be. Here is my current list; I welcome your suggestions for additional entries (or pointers to current ones that actually do exist).

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What else is new?

The Promises of Functional Programming
Adopting a functional programming style could make your programs more robust, more compact, and more easily parallelizable. However, mastering it requires some effort.

Not on the Shelves
Sometimes, the best way to figure out where you'd like to go is to imagine what you'll have when you get there.

Making Augmented Reality Practical on Mobile Phones, Part 1
The Studierstube ES (Embedded System) software framework allows fast development of augmented-reality applications for mobile phones.

Beyond X 2.0: Where Should We Go?
Editor in Chief Fei-Yue Wang considers the impact of Web science and technology—X 2.0—on society's future.

Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste
How can CIOs use today's negative economic climate, corporate cost-cutting measures, and general anti-CEO, anti-business sentiment to their advantage?

Games in the Classroom: Using Games as a Motivator for Studying Computing: Part 1
Learn about a parallel effort to use gaming as a way to improve learning and to demonstrate to students that computer science is indeed exciting and cool.

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