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These resources will help you to explore green IT and to keep abreast of ongoing developments.

Special Issues

IT Professional, special issue on Green IT, Jan/Feb 2011;

IT Professional, special issue on Green Computing, Jan/Feb 2008;

Computing in Science & Eng., special issue on Green High Performance Computing, Nov/Dec 2010;

Microsoft Architectural J., special issue on Green Computing, no. 18, 2010;

SETLab Briefings, special issue on Green IT, 2011;


S. Murugesan, ed., "Understanding and Implementing Green IT," Essential Set, IEEE CS Press, 2010;

"Smart 2020: Enabling the Low Carbon Economy in the Information Age," Global eSustainability Institute, 2010;

"Using ICT to Tackle Climate Change," Global eSustainability Institute, 2010;

T. Worthington, Green Technology Strategies: Using Computers and Telecommunications to Reduce Carbon Emissions, 2009;

"Evaluating the Carbon-Reducing Impacts of ICT: An Assessment Methodology," Global eSustainability Institute, 2010;


IEEE Technical Committee on Scalable Computing (TCSC), Technical Area of Green Computing, In the context of TCSC, the technical area of Green Computing aims to carry on the research to design, develop and implement environment-respect algorithms, hardware/software and computing systems.

The Green Grid, This is an industry-supported research and commentary site aimed at data center activity with reports about design, energy measurement, and so on.

The Green IT Report, This site provides information, research, analysis, and commentary on what's going on in the world of sustainable ICT.

Greener Computing, A resource for environmentally friendly computers.

Sustainable IT, This site tracks trends toward a greener, more energy-efficient IT.

GreenBiz, Information on how to align environmental responsibility with business success.


Master's course on green computing, Metropolitan University, UK:

Course on green computing, University of California Santa Barbara:

Course on green information technology strategies, Australian National University:

Course on green information technology strategies, Australian Computer Society:

Course on green computing, Linkoping University, Sweden:

Training and Certification Programs

Global Science and Technology Forum,

British Computer Society,

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