IEEE MultiMedia, October–December 2011, pp. 4–10

Pinkpop Rock Festival search engine. The dots on the timeline correspond with visual concepts detected by the search engine.

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Multimedia in Forensics, Security, and Intelligence

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Accessing Audiovisual Heritage: A Roadmap for Collaborative Innovation

by Johan Oomen and Roeland Ordelman

The use of multimedia on the Internet is large and growing at an extraordinary rate. By 2015, one-million minutes of video content will cross the Internet every second; it would take more than five years for one person to watch this amount of video. Content is created both by professionals and, increasingly so, by everyday users. Besides the newly created material, a large body of existing, analog material is being migrated to digital files and managed by digital libraries. UNESCO estimates that world audiovisual holdings is 200 million hours. As many archives have a mission to disseminate their collections to a wide audience, more and more of this material will become available online. READ FULL ARTICLE (login required) »

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