New Positions: Call for Volunteers

IEEE CS Cloud Computing Special Technical Community (CC STC) ( invites enthusiastic volunteers for the following new positions.  

If you are interested please email with your LinkedIn profile or equivalent.  


Social media coordinators

Are you interested in learning how social media works?  We are using social media to build our STC in meaningful ways.  The Social media coordinator responsibilities are:

  • Post articles links weekly to our social media accounts, and make sure that the posts are matched with our SM posts guidelines.
  • Track the published posts.
  • Contribute to discussions on our Social Media sites. 


Graphic designer position

A graphic designer's volunteer job is responsible for creating designs that have a high visual impact the ability to handle more than one design brief at a time for articles, social media posts, website posts.. etc.


Typical work activities includes: 

  1. Thinking creatively to produce new ideas and concepts.
  2. Using innovation to redefine a design brief within the constraints of quality and time. 
  3. Keeping abreast of emerging technologies in new media, particularly design programs such as FreeHand, Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, 3D Studio, Acrobat, and Director.

The Graphic designer would be responsible of design pictures to attach with blog articles and social media accounts if necessary.

If you are interested please email with your LinkedIn profile or equivalent. 


Café Press Creator

We are interested in setting up a Café Press store for our STC.  Using our logo, we could start with T-shirts and mugs.  We are looking for someone to set this up.  This is a great opportunity to get involved with a small amount of effort and no expertise. 

If you are interested please email


Podcast creators

Have you had a secret dream to be a radio star?  Are you interested in interviewing cloud experts for our podcast? We are starting up a podcast pipeline and need your expertise in this area.  This is a great way to meet the cloud movers and shakers as well.

Blog Writers

We are starting up a new blog called "The Clear Cloud" and would like to recruit more blog writers.  If you are interested in writing a blog, but can't write once a week, consider joining this group blog.  You can also recruit other experts to write in our blog.  Are you interested in editing and reviewing potential blog posts?  If so, we need you – this can help you learn what makes good blogging.  Come join our effort!