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New CS Cloud Computing Publications

  • Cloud Cover, Bi-monthly column in Computer from Jan 2013
  • IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, from 2013. It's now accepting manuscript submissions.
  • Cloud Computing magazine - from 2014.
    You can download a sample Cloud Computing magazine here.

Special Issues on Cloud Computing

Upcoming Issues




  • Economics and the Cloud, Computer, April 2010
  • Cloud Computing, IT Professional, Sep-Oct 2010


Other CS Publications

The following CS magazines carry cloud computing articles.

Essential Set

Cloud Computing

Finding Articles of Your Interest (Search Engine)

You can search for articles of your interest on cloud computing published in IEEE CS publications and conferences from a large collection here.

Potential keywords: cloud computing, Saas, PaaS, Iaas, Cloud migration, cloud standards, cloud security, cloud compliance, cloud integration, cloud API, virtualization, Identity and access management, OAuth, IT as a service, Cloud Service Providers, Cloud SLAs

Recent Articles of Interest

  • IaaS Cloud Architecture: From Virtualized Datacenters to Federated Cloud Infrastructures, Computer, Dec 2012.
  • Atomic-Level Security for Web Applications in a Cloud Environment, Computer, Dec 2012


Helpful Articles*


  • Cloud Computing: A Records and Information Management Perspective, IEEE Security and Privacy, Nov-Dec 2011.

Security and Privacy

  • Securing Database as a Service: Issues and Compromises, IEEE Security and Privacy, Nov-Dec 2011.



Adoption and Best Practices


Clouds in Emerging Markets

  • Cloud Computing in India, IT Professional, Sep-Oct 2012

Applications and Case Studies



Useful Reports*

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