Distinguished Visitors Program: Asia and Pacific

The IEEE Computer Society is pleased to present the Region 10 (Asia and Pacific) Distinguished Vistors [Speakers] Program. Region 10 chapters interested in the speakers below should refer to the general guidelines for the DVP.


Tsun-Yi Ho

Tsung-Yi Ho (2013-2015)

Digital Microfluidic Biochips: Towards Hardware/Software Co-Design and Cyberphysical System Integration
Top-Down Synthesis for Flow-Based Microfluidic Biochips




Sharath Pankanti

Sharath Pankanti (2013-2015)

Performance metrics metrics/evaluation
Computer vision system designs for effective privacy
Safety, Security, Productivity and Convenience



San Marugesan

San Murugesan (2012-2014)

Green IT
Cloud Computing and Its Applications
What is Web 3.0, and Why You Should Bother About It Now
The New World, Smart Systems, and Agent Renaissance
IT in Emerging Markets: Harnessing the Opportunities and Addressing the Challenges
Internet of Everything (IOE): Technologies, Applications and Challenges



V.L Narasimhan

V.L Narasimhan (2013-2015)

Software Test Data Generation
Agile Software Process and Comparison with Other Software
Asset Management
Business Intelligence
Embedded Computing Systems, Cloud Computing, Data Mining


Andre Oboler

Andre Oboler (2014-2016)
The Online Hate Challenge to Social Media
Controlling Wikipedia
Improving the Research Process





Jiang Xu

Jiang Xu  (2014-2016)
Inter/Intra-Chip Optical Networks: Opportunities and Challenges
Sensor Network on Chip: A HW-SW Collaborated Method for Resilient MPSoC
Network-on-Chip Traffic Patterns Based on Real MPSoC Applications

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