Tsutomu Kanai Award

The award was discontinued after the 2012 award. 


The Tsutomu Kanai Award was established in 1997 by a generous endowment from Hitachi Ltd., and named in honor of Dr. Tsutomu Kanai who served as Hitachi's president for 30 years.  The Kanai Award recognized major contributions to the state-of-the art distributed computing systems and their applications.  The award consisted of a crystal model, certificate, and $10,000 honorarium.  
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Past recipients for Tsutomu Kanai Award

2012 Beng Chin Ooi For pioneering research in distributed database management and peer-to-peer based enterprise quality management.
2011 Ian T. Foster For pioneering research in grid computing, integrating geographically distributed instruments, computers, and data.
2009 Kenneth P. Birman For fundamental and practical contributions to distributed computing, fault tolerance, reliability and distributed systems management.
2008 Benjamin W. Wah For outstanding contributions to the theory and applications of distributed multimedia and nonlinear optimization algorithms.
2007 Willy Zwaenepoel For contributions to cluster-based distributed computing for scientific and Web applications.
2006 Larry Smarr For pioneering research in the design and architecture of distributed national infrastructures for high-performance computing.
2005 Elisa Bertino For pioneering and innovative research contributions to secure distributed systems.
2004 Kane Kim For fundamental and pioneering contributions to the scientific foundation of both real-time object-structuring based distributed computing and real-time fault-tolerant distributed computing.
2003 James Gosling For major contributions to advances in the technology for construction of distributed computing systems through invention of the Java Language system.
2002 Stephen S. Yau For outstanding contributions to distributed computing software engineering and promotion of the community of distributed computing software researchers.
2001 Alfred Spector For technical leadership in the design and implementation of reliable, scalable architectures for supporting distributed files and distributed applications, and for pioneering in their commercialization.
2000 C.V. Ramamoorthy For pioneering fundamental contributions to extracting parallelism and to the design of distributed system.
1999 Kenneth L. Thompson For creating the UNIX Operating System, which for more than 20 years has been a key platform for distributed systems work.