Overlength Submission Policy

Overlength Submission Policy

In its mission to maintain a consistent and high quality publication process, the IEEE Computer Society (CS) follows a strict policy on the lengths of published papers. Page length restrictions not only encourage authors to submit concise papers that readers will appreciate, but they help to keep the review process timely and maintain uniform editorial standards and consistency with page budgets. So that manuscripts meet page length requirements, all submissions must meet the journal’s submission guidelines and supporting but nonessential information (such as appendices) should be submitted as supplemental material. Independent of any Open Access or voluntary page charges, the IEEE Computer Society assesses the authors of accepted papers that exceed the regular paper length limit after final editing and layout a fee called Mandatory Overlength Page Charges (MOPC). The regular paper page length limit is defined at 12 formatted pages for Transactions and four formatted pages for Letters, including references and author biographies. Any pages or fraction thereof exceeding this limit are charged $220 per page. Submission page limits may differ from overlength page limits. Please review each publication’s Manuscript Types & Page Lengths policy (listed under Requirements) before submitting your manuscript. Authors will be notified of any assessed charges when galley proofs are sent for review. Payment must be sent at the time galley proofs are approved by the author.

The Computer Society’s policy on page limits as described here is strictly enforced. The IEEE and the CS will enforce payment of MOPCs as per regulation 6.5.2.F of the Publications Services and Products Board Manual, namely:

“Authors who do not pay Mandatory APCs without a waiver shall be barred from submitting future articles to IEEE publications until such time as their previous outstanding charges are paid.”

“Non-payment of an APC by an author shall not be considered an automatic application for waiver. If an author has not paid a Mandatory APC after a reasonable amount of time, this non-payment of the charges may be reported to the appropriate credit monitoring agencies. PSPB or the organizational unit sponsoring the publication may establish the length of time that must occur before this action is taken, and this information shall be included in the related instructions to authors.”

Authors requesting a waiver should submit substantiated evidence and documentation to trans@ieee.org. A waiver will be considered only prior to authors approving the final version of the proof of a manuscript. Unless a waiver is approved, invoices that are unpaid after 30 days will be forwarded to the IEEE’s credit and collections team. Further action may be taken for invoices unpaid after 180 days.