Every two years, IEEE Intelligent Systems acknowledges and celebrates 10 young stars in the field of AI as “AI’s 10 to Watch.” These accomplished researchers have all completed their doctoral work in the past five years. Despite being relatively junior in their career, each one has made impressive research contributions and had an impact in the literature — and in some cases, in real-world applications as well.

IEEE Intelligent Systems will once again be selecting 10 young AI scientists to feature as “AI’s 10 to Watch” in an upcoming issue.

AI’s 10 to Watch, 2015

In early 2015, IEEE Intelligent Systems solicited nominations for its “10 to Watch” from a wide range of senior AI researchers from both academia and industry. The nominees all received their PhDs in the past five years. A short list of top candidates was voted on by the selection committee, consisting of members of the Intelligent Systems editorial and advisory boards. The final decisions were made by the entire boards. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Raymond Perrault, who served as the Chair of this year’s selection committee and did a great job managing the selection process. We also owe our thanks to the members of the selection committee who devoted a lot of time studying the nomination materials and deliberating very carefully about the best our community can offer. In the end, the top 10 surfaced with unanimous support from the advisory and editorial boards. We’re particularly pleased about the diversity of the winning group, the breadth of topic coverage, and the global nature of these award-winning works. IEEE Intelligent Systems presents to its readership and AI researchers around the world the 2015 list of AI’s 10 to Watch. We’re very proud about these young AI scientists’ innovative contributions and impact. We wish the best for their continued excellence and sustained impact in their future careers!

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— Daniel Zeng, editor in chief