Knowledge Bases and Related Tools - KBART

What is KBART?

The Knowledge Base and Related Tools (KBART) is a joint initiative that has been exploring data problems within the OpenURL supply chain.

Commissioned by the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) and UKSG, the KBART Working Group has established guidelines for the timely exchange of metadata between content providers and knowledge base developers. Their work is to improve the supply of data to link resolvers and knowledge bases, in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of OpenURL linking.

This is to be achieved by providing best practice guidelines, educational materials and events, and a web hub to act as a central resource for knowledge base information.

For more information, please visit the UKSG/KBART website.


How to Use KBART Metadata

The following fields (KBART 5.3.2) are included in both the Journal and Proceedings list:

publication_title Publication title
print_identifier Print-format identifier (i.e., ISSN, ISBN, etc.)
online_identifier Online-format identifier (i..e, eISSN, eISBN, etc.)
date_first_issue_online Date of first issue available online
num_first_vol_online Number of first volume available online
num_first_issue_online Number of first issue available online
date_last_issue_online Date of last issue available online (or blank, if
coverage is to present)
num_last_vol_online Number of last volume available online (or blank, if
coverage is to present)
num_last_issue_online Number of last issue available online (or blank, if
coverage is to present)
title_url Title-level URL
first_author First author (for monographs)
title_id Title ID
embargo_info Embargo information
coverage_depth Coverage depth (e.g., abstracts or full text)
coverage_notes Coverage notes
publisher_name Publisher name (if not given in the file’s title)


Publication Reference Files

These files are generated dynamically and, upon download, contain the most up-to-date listing of CSDL publications.