TVCG Call for Surveys for VIS 2019

CLOSED: Call for VIS Surveys

VIS Surveys is a recent initiative of the IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, now in its second year. VIS Surveys are essentially TVCG survey articles with a VIS theme.

TVCG welcomes and encourages the submission of survey papers in all areas in its scope, computer graphics, visualization, and augmented and virtual reality. Survey papers are meant to be easily accessible to non-experts and are designed to provide a thorough, integrative, up-to-date, and comprehensive narration of the existing body
of research in the survey’s target domain. They cover the subject’s theory as well as its practice, point out existing trends, enable a critical comparison of existing research efforts and results, and in some occasions also shed a light on
developments in the commercial arena. Survey papers are up to 20 double-columned pages in length and are rigorously peer-reviewed by domain experts.

VIS Surveys have the specific aim to (1) provide unfamiliar readers a quick gateway into a VIS-related research domain, and (2) help professionals working in the field stay abreast with developments in this rapidly evolving area of research. Topics of interest are all aspects of data visualization, such as scientific visualization, medical
visualization, flow visualization, information visualization, visual analytics, visual data science, virtual reality, augmented reality, human-computer interaction, visual perception, active machine learning, high performance visual computing, and others. The focus can be software, hardware, or both.

VIS Survey papers can be orally presented at the IEEE Visualization (VIS) Conference. Authors aiming for VIS 2019 should plan to submit a VIS Survey paper to TVCG by October 31st, 2018 at the latest.

In order to test an idea, if in doubt, please send an email message with a quick overview to:
Klaus Mueller, TVCG Associate Editor-in-Chief,