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TC Multimedia Videos in Hindi

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“Exploiting Security Dependence for Conditional Speculation Against Spectre Attacks (0421)”

“一Reinforcement Learning-Based Resource Partitioning for Improving Responsiveness in Cloud Gaming (0421)”

“Hybrid Memory Buffer Microarchitecture for High-Radix Routers (1122)”

“一Reinforcement Learning-Based Resource Partitioning for Improving Responsiveness in Cloud Gaming (0421)”

“一用于物联网安全的基于电压过度缩放的轻量级身份认证 (0221)”

“一种高吞吐低功耗的图神经网络硬件加速器 (0921)”

“片上塑性设计: 挖掘数据运动的自相似 (0621)”

“BaPa: A Novel Approach of Improving Load Balance in Parallel Matrix Factorization for Recommender Systems (0521)”

“Leaking Information Through Cache LRU States in Commercial Processors and Secure Caches
基于缓存替换算法的隐蔽信道攻击及其在商用芯片和安全缓存设计中的实现 (0421)”

“TrackLace,交叠式磁记录的数据管理 (0321)”

“面向高能效高可靠神经网络的细粒度电压调节技术研究 (1019)”