IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing Special Issue/Section Proposal Information Rules
Information for Special Issue/Section Proposals in TETC

How to Propose a Special Section to TETC

Are you interested in proposing a special section to TETC? Please consider that the domain and topics of interest must meet the journal’s scope as defined here. Basic practical and procedural guidelines about the qualifications of the proposers, types of papers, guest editors’ role and responsibilities, flow of operations, and more can be downloaded here. Please use the Call for Papers (CFP) template.
All material (CFP + documents described in the rules, strictly following the template and rules above) must be sent to the current EIC of TETC ( and to the Peer-Review Coordinator ( for evaluation. Unfortunately, material/proposals that are non-compliant with the rules and template cannot be considered. Note that all communications must be carried over email addresses from the affiliated institution(s), so email from generic providers (such as gmail, aol, yahoo, etc.) will not be acknowledged in communicating with the EIC. Proponents should be aware that only the receipt of fully compliant proposals will be acknowledged by the EIC. Furthermore, the EIC will notify (usually within two or three weeks from the date of submission) only those proposals that have been accepted.