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Issue No.04 - April (2013 vol.39)
pp: 487-515
John C. Grundy , Swinburne University University of Technology, Hawthorn
John Hosking , Australian National University, Canberra
Karen Na Li , SolNet Solutions Ltd, Wellington
Norhayati Mohd Ali , Universiti Putra Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Jun Huh , University of Auckland, Auckland
Richard Lei Li , Beefand Lamb New Zealand Ltd, Wellington
Domain-specific visual languages support high-level modeling for a wide range of application domains. However, building tools to support such languages is very challenging. We describe a set of key conceptual requirements for such tools and our approach to addressing these requirements, a set of visual language-based metatools. These support definition of metamodels, visual notations, views, modeling behaviors, design critics, and model transformations and provide a platform to realize target visual modeling tools. Extensions support collaborative work, human-centric tool interaction, and multiplatform deployment. We illustrate application of the metatoolset on tools developed with our approach. We describe tool developer and cognitive evaluations of our platform and our exemplar tools, and summarize key future research directions.
Visualization, Unified modeling language, Software, Computational modeling, Business, Abstracts, Electronic mail, model-driven engineering, Metatool, domain-specific visual language, software tool, visual specification
John C. Grundy, John Hosking, Karen Na Li, Norhayati Mohd Ali, Jun Huh, Richard Lei Li, "Generating Domain-Specific Visual Language Tools from Abstract Visual Specifications", IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, vol.39, no. 4, pp. 487-515, April 2013, doi:10.1109/TSE.2012.33
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